BHADERWAH - Places to Visit

Places to visit in Bhaderwah

Bhaderwah is fastly emerging as one of the favourite tourism spot of Jammu and Kashmir. There are a lot of beautiful places to visit .

Gupt Ganga

About one kilometer away from main Seri baazar Bhaderwah, on the Jai road is situated this historical temple of Lord Shiva called Gupt Ganga temple. It has a cave and it is said that during Agyatvas Pandavs spent few days here in the land of snakes. A big foot on the rocks of this temple is attributed to Bhim. The legend also goes that there was a tunnel connecting Baderwah to Srinagar. Fishing in 2 kms stretch is prohibited and on the upper and downstream the stream has trout fish. In front of this temple flows beautiful Neeru Stream, where kids can be spotted enjoying swimming bath in the famous Hanuman Dal. A morning walk towards the Gupt Ganga from Bhaderwah on the Jai Road is highly refreshing. Local people can be easily spotted on this taking early morning walks.

Fish Pond / Lake view resort

Another tourist attraction located about one km from main Seri baaxar Bhaderwah is the Fish Pond. Bhaderwah Tourism Development Authority (BTDA) built this picnic spot at Gatha Bhaderwah. This was built in short span of two years. It has boating facilities for tourists. There is also a resort managed by Bhaderwah Development Authority called as Lake veiw Resort. This is one of the best and beautiful places in Northern India with the view of Kailash, and Asha Pati Glaciers.

Chandi Mata Mandir

Chandi Mata Mandir, Chinote is a newly renovated temple situated at village Chinote. It is famous for the popular Machail Yatra. The Machail Yatra starts from Bhaderwah every year in the month of August. Pilgrims from Jammu start their journey from Lakshmi Narayan temple, Jammu to join this Holy Yatra at Chandi Mata Mandir, Chinote, Bhaderwah from where it proceeds towards Kishtwar and then to Village Atholi in Paddar. The Yatra is welcomed enroute by thousands of devotees at various villages with them offering free Langars at Gulabgarh, Massu, Kundhail, Chishoti, Hamori and Machail. The yatra was initially started by Thakur Kulbir Singh of Bhaderwah in the mid 1980's when he was posted in Machail village.

Vasuki Nag Temple

Vasuki Nag temple is the presiding deity of the Bhadarwah. There are four Vasuki Nag Temples in the town, one at Gatha, heart of town, second at Nalthi, third at Bheja and fourth at Nagar Bhadarwah.The main idol of the Vasuki Nag Temple at Gatha is a wonderful specimen of art and sculpture. Two idols one of Nagraj Vasuki and Raja Jamub Vahan are made of black schist. The Shiva temple is located to the east of the town on the bank of river Neeru at a distance 0.5 km made under natural stone slabs. Inside the temple on a vertically inclined stone slab there is a foot (print of Bhima, one of the Pandava brothers of the Mahabharata fame) on the rockwith an ancient inscription as per the local legend.

Bhadarwah fort

Rattangarh or Bhadarwah fort at the top of Mohalla Quila is the place of pride for the erstwhile King of Chamba and Bhadarwah. The fort has a history for housing several freedom fighters, including Pandit Kashyap Bandu, Sant Singh Teg and later former Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah. The fort was probably built in 1733 and converted into a jail in 1919. In 2009 it was vacated by the jail authorities and is now under renovation to make it as a tourist spot.

Chinta Valley

Chinta is a big Village (Ilaqa) and contains lots of small villages. It is a beautiful valley surrounded by thick coniferous forests on all sides and a fresh water stream flowing through it. Few villages in this valley include Dugga, Krehi, Channi, Chinchora, Jalga etc. The onroad journey amidst this valley through these small villages is highly enjoyable. To the upper side of the road are the lovely houses of the locals and on the other side are the beautiful green cultivable fields and very calm and smoothly flowing fresh water stream. To the the other side of this stream are thick and densely populated deodar forests. Baggan and Bhattan are nice picnic spots. A complete view of Chinta valley can be seen from these places. The whole area is covered with a nice natural carpet of green grass. Horse ride from Baggan to Thuba village is enjoyable. Chinta is also famous for the pilgrimage yatras to Sabar Dhar and Rheoshra Devi. There are two holy shrines - Sheshnag (Sabarnag) at Sabardhar and the other Sheetla Mata Temple at Reoshra at a distance of 3 and 6 kilometers respectively, both amidst forest area. These peaks can be reached by a bridle path that bifurcates from Bhadarwah Chinta road, about 6 kms before Chinta. The point gives a panoramic view of the Bhadarwah and Chinta valley. Both these shrines are believed to be oldest in Bhadarwah. Jai valley at the end of Chinta village is also a notable must visit picnic spot in Bhaderwah.

Jai Valley

Drive through Chinta valley through the forests and villages takes you to the beautiful Jai valley. It is picturesque valley, 35 kms. from Bhadarwah. It is an extremely beautiful valley spread over 6 kms. Bhaderwah Tourism Development Authority (BTDA) has taken a lot of interest in this area and is promoting it as one of the tourism spots in Bhaderwah. This beautiful meadow called Jai is fed by a small rivulet flowing towards the Tehsil Thatthri and joins the mighty rocks of Kalgoni Nallah. These rocks are excellent for professional rock climbers.


Thuba village is located on a high peak which can be seen from Bhaderwah valley and it separates Chinta from Bhaderwah. From this village complete view of Bhaderwah valley with the beautiful mountains surrounding it can be seen. An ancient temple of Thuba Naag and Lord Shiva is located in this village. From about few hundred metres towards Chinta village, there is a spot from where the Subar Naag temple which is located more that 30 kms away can also be clearly seen. It is a beautiful place for horse riding and photography. Chinta village is almost 1-2 kms away from here.


Sartingal village is situated on the southern extreme of Bhaderwah valley. This is a beautiful sunny location with fragrant breeze blowing from Kailash mountains, set against the background of the Ashapati hills and neighboring forests. The undulating plains and streams add to the beauty of the place. Sartingal is connected by road with Bhaderwah and is not more that 5 kms from Seri baazar.. Jammu University has also recently opened its Bhaderwah Campus at Sartingal. Nalthi Basti is also closely located where tourists can take a visit.

Khani Top

Situated 25 kms. from Bhadarwah this beautiful meadow too has a huge potential of becoming a good picnic spot. Trekkers would also find it a convenient lasunching site for expedition to Ashapati peak on the border with Himachal Pradesh. Amidst greenery, it offers a treasure of scenic, splendour, especially during sun-set and sun-rise.

Seoj Meadow, Padri, Nalthi Basti, Hanga, Devchatan, Killar are other prominent tourist attractions.

BHADERWAH... The Tourist's Paradise