BHADERWAH - On the Way

On the way to Bhaderwah

Jammu to Bhaderwah is a about 5-6 hours journey by Bus and a little lesser by a cab or personal vehicle. Normally Deluxe and Semi Deluxe buses leave Indira Chowk Jammu to Bhaderwah daily after 06:00 AM. Some of the famous buses include B.T. Gupta, Manpreet, Baagee, P.K. Vaid. The bus fare is about Rs 200.

Private Cabs are also available, which can be hired from any private travel agent around Bus Stand Jammu or Indira Chowk Jammu.
Private cabs take a little more than buses. Normal Shared Cab fare is Rs 200 per person and for a group, it depends upon the type of the cab also the bargaining capability of the travellers.

The journey starts from Jammu and bus enters the BC road which is a part of the Jammu - Srinagar national highway NH1A. The bus travels through the BC Road and within 5-10 minutes passes through the Manda hills and Amar Mahal and the travellers are greeted by a huge "Thank You - visit again" sign. As the Bus leaves Jammu town, it passes through a highly curvy road and within half an hour reaches Nagrota, a small town located on the NH1A highway between Jammu and Udhampur. As soon as the bus crosses Nagrota town, it climbs up a beautiful hilly and curvy road. On the naked hills can be seen huge painted advertising banners. Very soon the bus reaches Nandini Tunnel and starts climbing down the hill towards Jhajjar Kotli. Jhajjar Kotli is on of the Jammu's favourite picnic spots mostly during summers. It is a tourist complex built on the banks of the rivulet named Jujjar. The main attraction of this beautiful tourist place is the clear and refreshing cool water of Jujjar. The place is blessed with extreme natural beauty. This place is maintained by the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Development Corporation. To facilitate the tourists there is a wonderful tourist bungalow in Jhajjar Kotli maintained by the J and K tourism department.

The next famous town that comes on the way is Udhampur. The district of Udhampur is mostly mountaineous, however the city is plain. This district is also directly connected to other parts of the country by rail. Recently district of Udhampur has been connected to the Jammu Tawi railway station as part of the Kashmir Railway project, which is planned to connect Jammu Railway station to Kashmir. So, here is other option to reach Bhaderwah bypassing the city of Jammu. That is take a train directly from Delhi to Udhampur. Two trains "Uttar Sampark Kranti" and "Jammu Mail" are currently functional on this railway link. Once the bus crosses Udhampur, it reaches Samroli and then again starts climbing up the hil towards Kud. Kud is a very small town located at the base of famous Patnitop hils station. Kud is famous for its sweet shops that make hot and fresh patisa which is very popular with the tourists. The buses generally stop here and gives tourists some time to buy their choice of sweets. Standing road side at Kud and looking far off villages on the beautiful hills touching blue sky is a really refreshing view. A couple of kilometres ahead is the famous hill station Patnitop. It is about 112 Kms from jammu city and very famous all over India. The buses don't stop here, but those who have hired private cabs can stop and enjoy the really unbelivable beauty of this hill station.

This hill station looks really awesome during winters, when it is covered with snow. Enveloped by thickly wooded Deodar  forests, Patnitop offers beautiful picnic spots, peaceful walks and breathtaking views of the mountainscape of the Chenab basin. And from Patnitop , its time to drive down the hill towards Batote.

Batote town is in district Ramban. Earlier it was a part of Distt Doda when Ramban was also a tehsil of Doda district. Batote is famous for its high quality Rajma (kidney beans). It is from batote, the bus takes the right leaving NH1A and entering NH1B towards Doda district. NH1A goes Srinagar. From Batote to Doda is almost 2:30 hour journey by Cab and about 3 hours by bus. On the way towards the left of the highway flows the mighty Chenab river in the opposite direction. The Chenab, river flowing through the District, is commercially very vital for transportation of timber from forest and power generation. Recently Baghliar Project has started functioning on this river which produces 450 - MW of electricity.

For lunch buses stop at Baggar also called as Ramgarh. This place is famous for its Rajma - Chawal served with pure desi ghee and anardana chutney. This place is highly recommended for lunch. After around half an hour of stop here, the bus leaves towards Bhaderwah and within an hour reaches Pul doda. This small town is about o vanish due to the baghliar dam. Pul doda used to be a beautiful town on the banks of river chenab and below the district of Doda famous as Doda City among locals. Since the Baghliar Dam has started functioning, the place has been evacuated and is expected to sink in Chenab river soon. The buses will then take another road constructed on the hills above Pul Doda. It is from Pul Doda the bus takes right towards Bhaderwah, The straight road goes towards Kishtwar and paddar and left turn over the river Chenab will take you to the District Doda.

Doda - Bhaderwah is a very beautiful road surrounded by hills densly populated with Deodar and Pine trees and smal Neeru river flowing in the opposite direction. On the way to Bhaderwah comes small towns like Pranoo, Bhalla, Seri, Drudu, Dranga. It takes less than an hour to reach Bhaderwah from Puldoda. As soon as Bus takes turn from Kurshari village and enters Amira Nagar (Domail) a complete view of Bhaderwah starting from Gatha to Sonni Bain comes in front of the eyes and it is such a beautiful view that it remains a-fresh in the mind of the person throught his life. The bus passes through Gatha, Udrana takes the turn at the Radio station and within 15 minutes deboards you at the Seri baazar Bhaderwah.

As you have now reached Bhaderwah, checkin into your hotel/guest house, take some rest and get out in the evening and start to explore the beauty, culture and flora and fauna of this beautiful valley.

BHADERWAH... The Tourist's Paradise