BHADERWAH - Subar Dhar

Subardhar yatra

In the month of April on 12th or 13th, every year, a grand mela is held at Subar Dhar in honour of Subar Nag in which thousands of Bhaderwahis pay obeisance. Subar Dhar is a beautiful mountain surrounded by thick forests and covered with a natural carpet of green grass aout 9000 feet from the sea level. Dhar in Bhderwahi language means hill and Subar is for Subar Nag or Shesh Nag.Subar Dhar is spread over a large area comprising Chinta, Bhalra, Bedota, Chiralla and other adjoining villages.

There is an ancient temple of Subar Nag on the sprawling Subar pasture. It has an ancient idol of Subar Nag. The temple was however burnt by militants in the mid nineties when the militancy in the whole of Jammu was at its peak. A new temple has been constructed there now. This temple situated amidst of thick coniferous forest is visible from Thubba village. The doors of temple are thrown open for the yatris on the day of this grand mela. Some people like to do this yatra in their own small groups, while some prefer to join the 'mala' that leaves from some villages like Dugga Chinta, Bhalra etc. In the early morning the 'nishanis' are taken out from the local 'Nag' temple washed, decorated and are taken to the Subar Nag temple by the local pandit accompained by hundreds of yatris, who chant 'Jai Subar Nag' 'Jai Subar Nag' on the way to Subar Dhar.

Purchasing sweets, cooking meat for the dinner and dhekku dance is the speciality of this fair. Some locals prepare 'mithais' (sweets) and 'pakoras' and open stalls at Subar Dhar to serve the yatris and to earn some money.

Some families visit Subar Dhar to offer 'sukhan' (animal sacrifice) to their 'kul devta'. They take out their family yatra along with relatives. Some visit to perform 'mundan' ceremonies of their children.

On the next day Baisakhi (Bashaki) Mela is celebrated at Nagni Temple near Manthla village where thousands of people participate.

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