BHADERWAH - Dhundu Kundu

Dhundu Kundu

This festival is celebrated mostly in the hilly villages of Bhaderwah. This is celebrated in winters in the month of January-February. A day befor local boys go out ino the woods to collect special wooden sticks to built what is called 'Khajol'. Khajol is prepared by creating a ring of this wooden stick into which are tightly fitted long small and thin wooden pieces called 'tenturu'. This ring is connected tightly to another flexible wooden stick. The combination is called 'Khajol'. When the sun sets and it becomes dark, all the family members gather on their roof tops and kids burn the ring end of Khajol and start rotating over head shouting ' Khajol - Khajol...'. The whole village looks like on fire on that night and every person tries to shout louder the neighbours voice. It becomes a kind of competetions among the kids. It looks a real fun and more fun to perform. The elders of the all the families take 'deolies' a bunch of tied burnt small wooden pieces to a nearby field and place at the edge side by side. This is done to pray for their ancestors.On the next early morning dhundu kundu is celebrated in each house. The ladies of the families burn dhundu kundu and kids go from house to house to collect what is called in the local language as 'poi'. They are basically oil fried sweet little chapatis called 'luchhis; and 'gur'(jaggery). They sing folk songs - at the doors of the nieghbours and are given 'poi'.

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